Welcome to Running Frog Limited -


Running Frog Ltd. is an established Audiovisual Production Company. We specialise in audio and video production for use in Advertising, Promotions, Training and Events across multi-media including TV, Film, Radio, Mobile Applications and Social Media channels.

We have an experienced core team of people that will bring life to your audio/video project and an extensive network of freelance experts in order to deliver all aspects of a brief from Strategy and Creative Development to Production and Project Management.

Video Production - Online Video


Online video is a natural progression of your website and the perfect way to present a concise and engaging reflection of your business.

A distinctive presenter on your website can help convey the emotive and individual nature of your business while highlighting enthusiasm for your product. Video is well known for its eye-catching impact and will help your website stand out from the rest.

Adding a presentation video to your website is easy with our programme. We will tailor to your needs, for example, we have a wide ranging list of p resenters and can help you pick the best for your video. We can also have scriptwriters, make-up artists, even presentation coaches if you wish to give your video the personal touch.

Running Frog prides itself on producing videos that best represent your company.

Audio Production - Foreign Language


When your audience is worldwide, an interpretation from online translation just isn’t enough.You need to make it seen, make it heard and most of all, make it understood.

With translators on tap and speakers on staff, ver sioning for foreign tongues is kept simple.

Deciphering the mystery of being sure your meaning gets across, while making sense and being culturally appropriate can be a complex challenge. You need to be sure your “Welcome to our company” doesn’t become “This is our company, you’re welcome to it”, so ensuring your script is clear and colloquial is our mission.